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    döt.com is a global intermediary for holding and service based applications

About the Company

Our story

döt.com was established in 2015, but has grown to new heights in 2018 for the betterment of the digital and non-digital space. An intermediary functional venture that has been made to assist in adding value for holding and service based applications. Join the wave as döt.com enters the motion of creation. This is döt.com, and this is the, future.

With a Focus on New Industry

There is a wondrous opportunity for creators and their stakeholders to take part in the ensuing tide of the Crypto space

Crypto-Economic Value Creation

döt.com develops next generation ventures in-house. What we do is make the world a better place by enriching humankind with…

Allotting the best in futuristic development for digital and non-digital pioneers

döt.com is building a new form of holding portfolio, while offering innovative business modelling to prospective clientele


Latest posts

Point To Click Package℠

What drives the core of Africa? At times, shipping. And döt.com Intermediary Limited with its Point To Click Package℠. This basically enables users around the world to get shipped something…

How did Crypto come to be?

Crypto has changed in the recent years, from being not popular, to being very popular. Cryptocurrency however, is just really at the beginning of where it will be in the…

Trusted Relationship Management (TRM)

When a situation is tough, that you never thought would happen, happens, and there are almost no scenarios which you can think of (in business terms), that can solve that…

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